More fun, intense and inclusive small-sided games where the ball keeps rolling with a minimum of stops during the game.
AirPitch Football

Our Mission

We are on a mission to spread AirPitch Football all over the World, encouraging social inclusion, player development, and #fastfeetfun for all!

The Past vs the Future

There is a need for more efficient and fun player development environment in football.

    What is AirPitch Football?

    Small-sided football games in inflatable pitch boundaries with 1 to 5 players on each team.

    What are the benefits of AirPitch Football?
    Small-sided games increases ball-touches, passing, and scoring. The kids learn to be quick on their feet and to keep the ball moving fast. All modern coaches are using this in the daily training for more effective technical development and kids have been playing it in the streets, parks, and gardens since the beginning of the game.

    “The benefit to training in smaller spaces is you don’t give players time to think." Pep Guardiola, Manager, Man. City
    Why do we use AirPitch systems?
    We did not "invent the wheel", but we did develop a tool that makes the small-sided game-play more fun, intense and inclusive. By separating any normal football field into several AirPitches, we can fit a large number of players at the same time and keep the ball rolling with a minimum of stops in the game. There is no young (or old) player on the planet who does not enjoy playing inside one of these regardless of skill level, gender, or physical challenge.

    Playing more smaller side games in practice and on competitive match days may well be the answer to developing more skilful players in all positions of the pitch." The English FA study March 2022.
    The statistics of AirPitch Football
    Our AirPitch tournaments have an average of 492 players in one day, organized on a regular sized 11aside filed. Statistics shows that the ball keeps in play for 83% of the time and the number of player touches on the ball and goals are many times multiplied compared to traditional formats. The German and English Football Federation have done extensive research on this field and the conclusions are unquestionable.

    "With fewer players and the ball rolling for the full ten minutes due to the fench, each outfielder had a whopping 71 touches on average. The result? Loads of opportunities to practise core skills, both attacking and defending". The English FA study March 2022
    AirPitch Training Environment
    AirPitch football is more than games, we offer an immersive training environment with optional add-ons like corner rebounders, soccer tennis nets, LED light target system and much more. Our clients include Arsenal FC, Manchester United FC, and Manchester City FC, plus hundreds of grassroots clubs.

    Airpitches add variety and excitement to training sessions. They allow for small-sided games and skill-based rotations. The popularity for these among players is evident."

    Mark Rivers, Pre-Academy Manager, Arsenal FC

    Compared to traditional soccer, AirPitch soccer offers more action, more scoring, and more fast-paced games where the ball stays in play a statistically proven 83% more*. The AirPitch can be used for any small-sided soccer format and all goal sizes and types will fit.
    Here's what our clients are saying
    • "The AirPitches are used every day at our academy. They diversify and excite training sessions and are very popular with athletes. They allow all sorts of little one-sided games and skill-based rotations."

      Mark Rivers
      Academy manager at Arsenal FC
    • "We have been using the AirPitches for the Young Lionesses talent program all over England and with the amount of passes, matches and physical demands of football, it's a really good tool for us."

      Amanda Goodwin
      Technical lead coach at The English FA.
    • "The AirPitches are the key ingredient for our mega-tournaments concept in Germany. They allow us to easily and safely have more than 800 players participate in a single match day."
      Hardy Bruening
      Founder & CEO 3v3 Germany
    • "The kids loves them. As simple as that. The AirPitches ensures near uninterrupted game time with more touches, passes, and goals."
      Mike Melvin
      Founder & CEO 3v3 UK
    In partnership with the 3v3 UK and BazookaGoal, we have put together 33 drills 3v3 training sessions you can use with your players. From basic to advanced sessions. Can be used for all ages.
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